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Touchback Wins a Saturn Award

Saturn Award for Touchback Best DVD/Bluray ReleaseWednesday, June 26th, 2013 - Touchback won Best DVD/Bluray release at the 39th Annual Saturn Awards. Would like to thank Anchor Bay/Starz for doing such a great job with the release and the many many many people who helped make the film.

I am a lifelong Science Fiction and Fantasy fan and reader thanks to my mother and brother. Many memorable nights in the 70s watching Star Trek on the couch or Kung Fu movies on Saturday morning instead of going to soccer practice.  My brother is a science fiction guru and I read through his well worn collection. I was always more into the fantasy and he was always more into the science fiction, but I could live on a desert island with either and be happy. Orson Scott Card, Robert Vardman, Piers Anthony, the Fire and Fog series, Feist, Bova, Tolkien, Harrison and the Stainless Steel Rat, too many others to name.  I have been reading and collecting science fiction and fantasy books and comics since the days when it would get you beat up by the bike racks.

It was an unexpected pleasure, and quite an honor to get this award. I am glad I put a time-travelling pickup truck in my book/film which I guess squeaked Touchback in.

Thank you to the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror!


  1. Michael Carey
    Jun 28, 2013

    Good on you, Don! As you know, I purchased Touchback DVD and Blueray in per-release. Great movie. Unusual in that it lived up to the books expectations. Hope you have something new in the works.

    • donhandfield
      Jun 28, 2013

      Thanks Michael! Yes, I have a few new things in the works. My next book will be out sometime in the fall or early next year.

      • Bobby Hand
        Sep 17, 2013

        Don -
        Just noticed the post re this award – BIG UPS!! I’m always thrilled when one of “my kids” gets recognition or an award. This is long in coming and richly deserved.
        Again congrats and best to you and the family.

        Love and respect,

        Coach Bobby!

  2. Karen Wenning
    Aug 2, 2013

    Saw the movie and read the book. I am from Coldwater, Ohio and was amazingly interested in the facts in the book. Was wondering who helped get all the specifics. So proud of our town and it is more like 4800 people, but the people are so like that in the book. Very hard working and so proud of this little village. Really proud of the book and the movie .

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