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Touchback free for Father’s Day weekend!**

Touchback is free on Amazon Kindle for Father’s Day Weekend in honor of my dad Jerry, and all the other great fathers I have had the pleasure of knowing — Jay, Harry, Pat, Vin, Coach Hand, and of course the late, great, and sorely missed Red Robinson. Happy Father’s Day everyone! Some great links for readers or authors: **It was free on Saturday — and I messed up folks. I programmed the promotion wrong on Kindle, so it wasn’t free on Sunday — and I couldn’t change it once 12:01 AM rolled around. ¬†I apologize for the mix-up. About 12,000 people downloaded it on Saturday, I hope they enjoyed the read — and I will be doing another promotion in the near...

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One Day Sale

There is an extended excerpt of Touchback going out on Kindle Nation Daily tomorrow Рso in honor of that for the next thirty hours or so the book will be on sale for $2.99! Share this:

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