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Do you answer emails?

Yes. I try to respond personally to every email concerning the book or my work. I am happy to take time to speak to people who took the time to read the book, and am heartened, touched and inspired by some of the letters I get.

Can I send you my script / book / play?

I am partner in a film production company and get asked from time to time if people can send me scripts, books or plays to read and or direct. I understand the desire to get it out there — been in that position myself, and part of me knows some of these unfound works of art are incredible and just waiting for the right person to read them.

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I can’t read or accept unsolicited submissions.

What can I do to make it as a writer?

Write something. Rinse. Repeat. I wrote ten or fifteen screenplays before I got work. I have written so many screenplays that there are some I can no longer find or remember. The beauty of being a writer is you don’t need permission to do it. There are so many great resources available today. In college when I started writing I had to intern at the Ohio Film Commission to get access to screenplays, now you can read all the greats with a simple Google search.

My advice is to a) keep writing and b) submit your scripts to screenplay competitions like The Academy Nicholl Fellowships.

Film Independent also has incredible programs for emerging filmmakers. They run a great program there, of which I am proud to be a former participant.

I also recommend John August - - he knows what he’s doing and it’s a great resource for screenwriters of all levels.