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Boys are from Dogtown, Girls are from the Catskills

You’ve heard of “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?” Well, I have my own version for kids under five, it’s called “Boys are like Dogs, Girls are like Cats”.

You know when you leave a dog home all day (or for a week on a business trip) and come home, they are just darn happy to see you? Tail wagging, spazzing out eager just to see you and get some love? That’s my son. If I go on away for work, when I return, he’s not mad I was gone, he’s just stoked to see me. He just gives me that little gap-toothed smile and it’s like Cheers — I never left.

You know how when you leave a cat alone for a week and come back, they just kind of turn their nose up at you and show you their backside as they slink away? The animal is letting you know it’s not that simple. You left me, dude. You can’t just expect to waltz back in here like it’s all hunkey dorey. You’re going to have to earn back my affections. That’s my daughter. She’s almost four and it takes about five run throughs of Cinderella (I do get to play the Prince) or five trips for Flynn Rider up her Barbie Town House Elevator from start to finish to get back in her good graces. I will say, reconnecting with her is magical.

Her birthday is this weekend — and in celebration of her special little life I am doing a giveaway of Touchback. Download it, read it, and my hope is that you hug the ones you love just a little tighter than when you picked it up.

And to my daughter, aka The Bean, aka The Zeets, aka The Beanster Zeets, aka The Zeenster Beets, aka Rikki Ratone, aka The Wiley Zeets, aka Robbie Dee, aka Robinson Dawn — Happy 4th Birthday Little One! I love you!


  1. Judy
    Aug 15, 2012

    Just finished Touchback and was so sorry that this was your only book ’cause I liked it so much..Look forward to more from you.. The bonus was that I could get it on Kindle. Good work Mr. Handfield.. Continued success to you.

    • donhandfield
      Aug 20, 2012

      Thanks so much Judy! Working on a new book now!

  2. Karen
    Sep 13, 2012

    Sounds great – exactly the same as mine. Savour every moment, as before you can blink they’ll be all grown up. My princess, Loopy, stroppy knickers, Lucy Locket, angel will be 23 this year but will always be my little girl who needed coaxing into being my friend again if I went anywhere without her.

  3. Joanne Hazelwood
    Jan 24, 2013

    Thank you Don Handfield for this wonderful gift of your book. I was (still am) in the midst of a rough patch with my husband when I stumbled across your book and downloaded it on my kindle thinking I might enjoy a bit of a diversion. This was going to be a nice little story about football, or life, or whatever, right? I was so very wrong! Your story reached inside of me and pulled out something I didn’t know was there, some deep hidden emotions, feelings I didn’t know existed. I cried, heck I am still crying! I don’t know what the future holds for me and my husband. I do know your book helped me gain perspective when I needed it most. I am deeply moved by your words, and will never ever take it off my kindle. I want to be able to revisit those words often. I am in awe of this gift you have given. And while a part of me knows it was not written for me, another part of me knows that is exactly what it was written for. Thank you, I will treasure this gift kind stranger. I am deeply grateful and moved more than you can know. Thank you.

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