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Boys are from Dogtown, Girls are from the Catskills

You’ve heard of “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?” Well, I have my own version for kids under five, it’s called “Boys are like Dogs, Girls are like Cats”. You know when you leave a dog home all day (or for a week on a business trip) and come home, they are just darn happy to see you? Tail wagging, spazzing out eager just to see you and get some love? That’s my son. If I go on away for work, when I return, he’s not mad I was gone, he’s just stoked to see me. He just gives me that little gap-toothed smile and it’s like Cheers — I never left. You know how when you leave a cat alone for a week and come back, they just kind of turn their nose up at you and show you their backside as they slink...

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Starred review from Publisher’s Weekly

Touchback received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly this week. Will be doing a free weekend soon, stay tuned… Share this:

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